How to Use Miki Bot on Discord

If you’re struggling with managing your gaming community in Discord and are in a constant brawl to find new games, Miki bot can be your best friend! It distinguishes out since it is designed specifically for gamers and offers a wide variety of games and rewards. So, how to use Miki bot on Discord? Well, we are here to help you out! So, keep reading!

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How to Invite and Use Miki Bot on Your Discord Server

Miki bot is designed especially for gamers and provides interactive sessions with members through games and provides rewards to the competing members. It helps in improving engagement with the members across servers. There are countless features offered by Miki that only rival itself and improve upon every aspect.

Knowing how to utilize the Miki bot enables you to modify the bot’s features to meet the particular requirements and preferences of your server. Effective use of the Miki bot can promote member interactions, rivalries, and friendship, ultimately fostering a thriving and active gaming community. Let’s see how to invite Miki Bot to your Discord Server:

1. Open any browser from your PC and go to the Miki official webpage.

2. Click on the Invite Miki button.

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3. Select the server to which you want to invite the Miki.

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4. Click on Continue.

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5. Scroll down and click on Authorize.

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6. Check the box I am human to complete Captcha verification.

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After verification, Miki will be added to your server. Using the Miki bot is relatively easy, Miki’s command uses (/) slash followed by the command. There are commands exclusive to Admin and user. Read more to know all the commands to use with Miki.

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Miki Bot Commands List

You can use these commands followed by a forward slash in the Discord server activated with Miki.

Note: Miki commands are to be entered without bold.  

1. Accounts 

Given below are commands related to a user account.

Command  Function 


Displays the list of achievements of a user 




Shows background you own for ‘/exp’ 




Allows you to Buy a background for ‘/exp’ 




Claims your daily mekos. Claiming mekos consecutively will give bonus rewards 




Displays an image profile of experience 




Gives mekos to users 




Displays the leaderboards 




Displays mekos of the current user 




Gives a peak of general profile of a user 




Gives reputation points to users 


 2. Actions 

These action commands are performed by Miki bot to the tagged user.

Command  Function 


The act of asking 




The act of biting 




The act of feeding cake 




The act of cuddling 




The act of glaring 




The act of high-fiving 




The act of hugging 




The act of kissing 




The act of licking 




The act of patting 




The act of poking 




The act of punching 




The act of slapping 


 3. Admin 

Commands exclusive to server Admin.

Command  Function 


Bans a user from the server 




Cleans Miki’s messages 




Kicks a user from the server 




Prunes messages based on arguments 




Softbans a user from the server 


 4. Anime 

Commands related to anime. 

Command  Function 
/anime search 


Displays list of anime based on name 


/anime searchcharacter 


Displays list of characters based on name 


/anime searchmanga 


Displays a list of manga based on name 


/anime info 


Displays the top result of anime search 


/anime characterinfo 


Displays top result of character search 


/anime mangainfo 


Displays top result of manga search 


 5. Donator 

These commands are exclusive to a donator.

Command  Function 
/donator box 


Displays the box meme 


/donator disability 


Displays the disability meme 


/donator redeemkey 


Redeems a donator key for donator status 


/donator sellkey 


Allows to sell a key for 30,000 mekos 


/donator tohru 


Displays the Tohru meme 


/donator trapcard 


Displays the Trap Card meme 


/donator truth 


Displays the Cold Hard Truth meme 


 6. Fun 

Command related to fun activities. 

Command  Function  


Allows asking Miki specific questions 




Posts an image of a bird 




Posts cat pictures on your server 




Posts an image of a dog 




Posts a GIF from Imgur 




Posts an image from Imgur 




Makes Miki pick your life choices through a list of things to pick from 




Shows Reddit posts per subreddit 




Lets Miki remind you of things 




Miki rolls a dice for you! 




Posts a safe image from Safebooru 




Checks your compatibility with someone 


 7. Gambling 

Commands related to gambling activities. 

Command  Function 


Plays a game of blackjack against Miki 




Plays connect 4 game with your friends, or with Miki 




Flips a coin to win mekos! 




Plays a poker game with a limit of up to 8 people 




Plays rock paper scissors against Miki! 




Plays the slot machine with Miki! 




Plays a lottery game that is globally shared stake to win big money 


 8. Gaming 

Commands related to gaming. 

Command  Function 
/osu ctb 


Shows your osu! catch the beat statistics! 


/osu mania 


Shows your osu! mania statistics! 


/osu standard 


Shows your osu! standard statistics! 


/osu taiko 


Shows your osu! taiko statistics! 


 9. General 

These are some of the general commands on Miki bot.

Command  Function 


Allows you to keep your current avatar while swapping to a new one 




Solves math with Miki’s technical calculator 




Supports this magnificent bot! We really need all the help to stay alive! 




Shows information about the current Discord server 




Shows general help of commands 




Shows general info about Miki 




Gets an invite for Miki 




Gets ping information from Miki 




Gets a link to Miki’s low-level statistics 




Defines a word based on UrbanDictionary 




Displays all info of a user who is joined on the server 


 10. Guild Accounts 

Commands related to Guild Accounts.

Command  Function 
/guild bank 


Displays information about your guild bank.  


/guild config 


Setups your guild bank 


/guild house 


Gives info on your guild house 


/guild profile 


Displays information about your guild 


/guild upgrade 


Allows you to upgrade your guild and win weekly rewards 




Winning against a player will award you with mekos for a week 


11. Marriage 

Command  Function 
/marriage accept 


Accepts a marriage proposal 


/marriage buyslot 


Buys an extra marriage slot using mekos 


/marriage cancel 


Cancels a marriage proposal you sent 


/marriage decline 


Refuses a marriage proposal sent by a user 


/marriage divorce 


Divorces someone you are married to 




Sends a proposal to a specific person 


/marriage showproposals 


Shows the proposals you sent and received 


 12. Pasta 

Commands related to pasta. 

Command  Function 
/pasta create 


Creates a new pasta 


/pasta delete 


Deletes a pasta if you created it 


/pasta edit 


Edits a pasta you created 


/pasta listhated 


Displays a list of pasta you hate 


/pasta hate 


Hates a pasta 


/pasta info 


Displays info about pasta 


/pasta listloved 


Displays a list of pasta you like 


/pasta love 


Likes a pasta 


/pasta listmine 


Displays all the pasta you created 




Displays content of an existing pasta 


/pasta search 


Searches pasta based on term 


 13. Reactions 

Reaction commands. 

Command  Function 


Displays a confused reaction image 




Displays a crying reaction image 




Displays a lewd reaction image 




Displays a pouting reaction image 




Displays a smug reaction image 




Displays a staring reaction image 


 14. Role Management 

Commands related to role management. 

Command  Function 


Gives yourself roles from ‘/iamlist’ 




Lists of self-assignable roles 




De-assigns a role from yourself 




Configures a role for the server 




Configures a category of roles 


 15. Settings 

General setting commands. 

Commands  Function 
/locale list 


Displays the list of all available languages 




Configures Miki notifications for the server 


/locale set 


Changes the language of Miki 


/prefix set 


Changes the prefix for the server 


Features of Miki

The features of Miki are countless. Read below to learn more:

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  • Miki has a wide variety of games for members and allows members to compete with each other including Miki. Winning at games awards you with currencies that can be used to buy items at the shop.
  • Miki has so many commands that keep you engaged. From chatting with the bot to sending marriage proposals to users, Miki has got you covered.
  • Currency in Miki Discord is redefined and is taken to the next level. Miki’s currency allows you to gamble, play games, and earn even more currency. What’s more, Miki’s currency system is completely free with no paywalls.
  • Members participating on your server are distinguished by levels, this can keep track of a new member between a seasoned member on your server
  • You can buy your favorite anime character cards with currency. You can show off your cards or trade them with other users.

Roleplaying Elements of Miki

Role-playing element is a unique feature present on Miki. With it, you can give reaction roles to your members. This means members can customize their settings, including notifications, accessories, etc. They can even choose to find communities within your server based on their style and tastes.

With Miki in your hands, you have the power to create reaction roles and the bot will also give roles based on a user level. The creation of roles extends beyond Miki as you can assign roles your way. Levels depend upon the roles Miki makes or you can set them up on your server.

We hope you find the guide on how to use Miki on Discord helpful and that you were able to set up and access your bot. Read more articles like these on our website and don’t forget to drop a comment in the box below.

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